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We as Christians like it or not have a bad rap, an image problem so to speak in America. This book is a worthwhile read that will open your eyes to how non-Christians perceive us. Years and years of research went into this book and the findings should make us sit up, take notice and examine our own lives and how we personally are perceived by others.


2 thoughts on “Recommended Read

  1. I value the research that the Barna Research group has done. But I am not willing to take much stock in what non-Christians think about us. Why? Because Christians will always have an image problem with unbelievers (1 Cor. 1:18; John 15:18-19). The message of Jesus is counter-cultural, it is anti-worldly, therefore, in the eyes of unbelievers we will always have an image problem. Now, I am not saying that the church doesn’t have issues. What I am saying is that we don’t need to consult the world to discover our flaws, rather, we need to consult the Word of God to discover where are flaws lie.

  2. Well put Anthony. I agree with you, however we do need to remedy the negative stereotypes that the world views us through. We need to become known more for what we are for than what we are against. We preach and preach to people about how sinful they are and how they need to change, but change can’t happen until they have experienced an encounter with Christ. I get where you are coming from though.

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