So much time wasted

Perry Noble of Newspring Church in Anderson, South Carolina recently led a session at the C3 conference. Something he said really made me think. He said if you are preaching or working for a church that you would not otherwise attend, WHY? I have so many talented friends in the ministry who are at churches that they would not choose to attend if they weren’t on staff. They are to afraid to step out, I guess. Too afraid to stop collecting that paycheck and to pursue the dream that God has really put in their heart. Instead they keep on keeping on, trying so hard to bring about change in churches that don’t want to change, leading under leaders without integrity and trying to justify it in their minds and hearts. So much time is being wasted that could be used furthering the Kingdom, I know…I was one of those guys for about 10 years…it feels good to be free. Don’t tell my church this, but I’d do this thing for free!


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