Some Major Tunage!

I’ll probably have a bunch more next week but this list is for you guys trying to discover some new bands (yeah, that’s you Jonny Boz!)

This is what’s blarring on my 160gig iPod

Steve Fee (Burn for You)

Wavorly (Conquering the fear of flight)

Leeland (Opposite Way)

Jeff Johnson (Glorious Day)

The Afters (Never going back to OK)

The Less (Loud Machines)

Issakar (Every Time it rains)

Until June (Self-titled)

Unsearchable Riches (Put your heart where your head is)

The Reel (Come Alive Chapter 1)

The 88 (Over and Over)

The Glorious Unseen (Tonight the Stars Speak)

The Send (The Cosmos)

Starfield (I will go)pre-release

Evoka (Cries from the Castlegate Empire)

Daniel Doss Band (God in Me EP)

Mae (Singularity)

We the Kings (Self-titled)

This Beautiful Republic (Even Heroes need a Parachute)

Fireflight (Unbreakable)

There you go. If you can’t find at least 2 bands you’ve never heard of before, I’ll eat my shorts!


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