10 Easy Ways to Make your Church Service More Boring

  1. Don’t worry about when you finish. I’m sure no one has plans after the service.
  2. Straight Scriptures. No stories. Jesus didn’t teach that way, but you’re a better communicator than Jesus, right?
  3. Television. Movies. It’s just a phase. People don’t really need visual stimulation. They prefer talking heads.
  4. Use the same service order…every week…no exceptions…ever.
  5. Make more announcements.
  6. Never include the kids….you know kids make evrything boring!
  7. Talk more about the past and the less about the future.
  8. Play the same Chris Tomlin song every week. And, try the chorus one more time.
  9. Use lots of big words that no one uses in normal, everyday life.
  10. Forget relevant topics and life application. People are really only interested in hearing what you think, not why it matters to them.

Here’s an extra for you…..pray a good long 20 minute prayer with lots of thee’s and thou’s

We are really working at The Journey Church to make our services more exciting/interesting. We struggle with the order of service being different though. It’s so easy to get stuck in that routine. If you’re a member at Journey, expect some shake ups to the order of service soon! We want to become a church that people can’t wait to get to because they are never sure what we’re going to do!


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