Things I’ve learned (or been learning) lately

These are some of the lessons God is currently teaching me:

  • Stop trying to do ministry under your own power (rely on God, not my own talents or gifts)
  • Don’t compare your church with others (we are all on the same team….and I need to celebrate the successes of other churches, because they are wins for the kingdom)
  • Don’t be scared to do something because you don’t have enough money.
  • You can’t take people to a place you’ve never been (my spiritual growth must come first)
  • Have fun doing God’s work
  • Expect criticism if God is working (if you are doing things outside the box and God is moving, people (mostly other Christians) will take shots at you)
  • Be myself (sure we can learn from others, but I’ve got to be who I am and not try to copy other peoples ministries…I can’t be Andy Stanley, Perry Noble, or Rick Warren, and I shouldn’t want to be!)

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