Your Message

I’ve worked at becoming a better speaker. I still get nervous every time I speak, no matter if it’s to 10 kids or to 200 adults. It is really one of the most challenging things to do in ministry…help people understand and apply truth and keep them engaged. This short essay from Tony Morgan’s blog is a great tool and a reminder of what we as pastors need to have in mind as we get up to speak each week.

I want to hear your heart and not your brain.
If you listen to me, I may listen to you.
At best, I’ll remember one thing you say.
Your message is only one of thousands I’ve already heard today.
When you admit you’ve messed up, it reminds me that you’re real.
I’m not convinced it’s truth.
I’m moved by stories.
When you make me laugh, I engage.
I hear it, but sometimes I need to see it or feel it or experience it.
I’m watching to see if you keep your promise.
I think it’s funny that you still think you control your message.
Polished scares me.
In order to speak to me, you can’t speak to everyone.
I’m not impressed by big words.
If it’s not about me, I’m not listening.
Your message has more impact when you shorten it.
It’s OK if you don’t have an answer for everything.
What are your questions?
Your message has impact if someone disagrees.
I know it seems awkward, but it helps me when you repeat the important stuff.
Your message is not for you.
I don’t have to listen to you.

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