Monday Mind Dump

  • We didn’t have the internet this morning at work and I left my cell at home….I felt cut off
  • Little bit of a ghost town on Saturday night. wasn’t expecting that since attendance has been good lately
  • Very excited about some things coming up this summer….one thing in particular (more to come soon)
  • My favorite thing to do right now is watch Grant walk (he looks like Frankenstein!)
  • Willy Wonka was the bomb! Great job to all the kids and to Kristi and Alyce!
  • I’m really not a basketball fan….just can’t get into NBA or college (please baseball, hurry!)
  • Keeping my eyes open for a flexible part-time job in the Crofton area starting in the fall
  • Our new 1st time guest gift bags are going to be really cool
  • Visited a local “successful” church in the Crofton area on Sunday and was reminded just how different The Journey Church is from any other church in our area.
  • Looking forward to our Big Event on Saturday night….a 30 foot banana split! I’m bringing a big spoon!
  • Was not at all happy with my message on Saturday….couldn’t stop sweating! I hate that….that’s for the genes dad!
  • Can’t wait until our fantasy baseball draft on Friday night! I’m an uber geek, I know!
  • If you love chinese food, check out Grace’s Fortune in Bowie…you won’t be disappointed.

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