Refusing to let fear of failure cripple us

Being a small church….being a new church….being a church without a lot of money. These are all reasons we could cash it in, and say, “We could never do that!”. But that would be letting fear rule us, and God has not given us a spirit of fear, so we will refuse to let fear cripple us. In the next 6-8 months our small, new church will be doing two “Big” things. Things that are big risks (not stupid risks, but smart ones!). Things that could clean out our bank account! Things that many “big” churches can’t or won’t do! But we refuse to sit pat…to sit around unnoticed while people are lost all around us. These are things that we will not be able to pull off without God, without His intervention. But, if we can do something without God….what’s the point of doing it at all!?? Sometimes the very things you think you can’t do are the very things you must do. At the end of 2008, The Journey Church will no longer be a hidden secret, but will be known to all who call Crofton home. We will not be ignored! As for what these “big” things are….keep checking back for the announcements!


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