Some thoughts from Colossians

  • Paul says that the Church in Colossae is known for it’s people’s faith and love
  • I’d love to be a Church that is known for it’s faith and love
  • Too many churches are known for it’s famous pastor, it’s political views, it’s stance against things, boycott’s and it’s judgmental people. (as a side note…I can’t find anywhere in the Bible where it tells us to pass judgment on those outside of the faith. I only see where God tells us to judge (keep in check) those who claim to be Christians)
  • Jesus is the visible reflection of the invisible God
  • We are called to also be the visible reflection of the invisible God
  • How am I reflecting God’s image to people? Would He be ashamed?
  • Our goal as a Church is to present every Christian, fully mature in Christ.
  • We are to be deeply rooted and Built up. So many believers think this means to study, study, study all the time. I think we should be in the Word, but we also need to be reaching out. It reminds me of this picture that hangs in a Starbucks that I saw on Scott Hodges blog:


  • Did you read it? The Deeper the Roots the higher the reach! Wow…Starbucks can be so spiritual!
  • 2:8 says to be sure no one takes us captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy. I was reminded quickly of Oprah’s “new Jesus”.
  • 4:5 says we are to be wise in the way we act towards outsiders (non-believers). I think this is why we do what we do at Journey…because we want to be wise in our actions towards the non-Christian. We want to remove any obstacle that might be in their way and standing between them and faith in Christ.

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