Thoughts From Saturday

  • It was such a great night. A very worshipful Night.
  • Communion was wonderful
  • It was awesome to see people touched and giving their heart to Jesus.
  • I was not a happy camper before service, it seemed that everything was going wrong, things weren’t going my way. I had to stop and pray to remind myself that God doesn’t need cool video’s, good bands and a perfect environment to do His thing….in fact, He doesn’t need us at all.
  • Got an e-mail from a very faithful attender of The Journey. She said it was great to have a car full of teenage boys who are excited to come to church and are already talking about next week. Awesome stuff!
  • There are bigger churches, with bigger budgets, and more resources. Churches with more fanfare, publicity, and buzz (we will get there!), but there is no place I’d rather be pastoring.

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