Would I know You Now?

I’m not a big “CCM” fan, but I’ve always had an appreciation for the songwriting of Wayne Watson. This song is one that always convicts me over and over again. As a matter of fact, I actually have the words penned on the inside of my Bible that I used throughout college. Wayne explains how the song came to be, and shares the lyrics. Powerful.

I heard a country song years ago that told the story of an old, down and out kind of guy that walked into a church building. The worship service was in progress when he came in and as the song goes, he tells about how he doesn’t fit in. He notices that most of the people are dressed in nice clean clothes and he is dirty and wearing his worn out best. Then he starts talking to Jesus and says he remembered that people didn’t accept Him either. The singer describes his kinship with the Son of Man – outcast and rejected, hoping that the Savior would take him as he is.

I don’t know the artists’ name or even the name of the song, but I remember how it resonated in me.

I grew up in church – there all the time. As a child going off to church in my hometown, you wore your Sunday best and always entered the building with reverence. We always sat in the same seat while most other regulars held down their own places as well. I don’t know how we would have treated a stranger like the one in the song. Not many strangers came along in those days. I hope we would have welcome without prejudice but I don’t know.

The country song I heard, along with years of observation from the pew, got me to thinking. Have I formed some image of Christ that conforms to my definition?
Do I see him like the picture on the Sunday school room wall? What if he came in the form of a biker or a foreigner that I don’t know? What if he came in some bodily form that was repulsive to me?

I’ve always been fascinated with this question. What was Jesus’ personality like? From the scripture, we get a clear picture of His heart and His character – how he felt about His Father and how he felt about all kinds of people. But was He outgoing – type A? Was He gregarious and funny? Or was he private and melancholy? Being fully human as well as fully divine, did he have one dominating personality or was he a composite of all of them? I don’t know why but it’s interesting to me.

I suppose it’s interesting because so many of us quietly insist that, if we are to become like Jesus, then He has to be a little like me. I’m thankful that God made each of us unique – with unique fingerprints and unique gifts and talents. It’s His business to give what He wants. It’s my desire to pursue the characteristics of my Lord and try to imitate Him – to be conformed to His image while still retaining the “me” that he formed before the foundation of the earth. All the while, the thing to remember is “less of me, more of You”.

I wrote “Would I Know You Now” to express these thoughts.

Would I Know You Now
Would I know you now?
If you walked into the room
If you stilled he crowd
If you’re light dispelled the gloom
And if I saw your wounds
Touched your thorn pierced brow
I wonder if I’d know you now

Would I know you now?
If you walked into this place
Would I cause you shame
Would my games be your disgrace?
Or would I worship you
Fall upon my face
I wonder if I’d know you now

Or have the images I’ve painted
So distorted who you are
That even if the world was looking
They could not see you
The real you

Have I changed the true reflection?
To fulfill my own design
Making you what I want
Not showing you forth Divine
Showing you Divine

Would I miss you now?
If you left and closed the door
Would my flesh cry out?
I don’t need you anymore
Or would I follow you
Could I be restored?
I wonder if I’d know you
Will I ever learn?
I wonder if I’d know you now


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