The Power of an invite card

We sometimes (hopefully soon all the time) make Invite cards available for our people to pass out. We put the SexyBack invite cards in bundles of 25 and asked each person to take at least 1 bundle and get rid of them. Here is a true story from Jonathan Herron’s Blog that should inspire.

Cool True Story

It began with a CATALYST Invite Card hung up at an area Post Office last year.Jamie saw it. He eventually made his way to CATALYST. And made it his church home.2 weeks ago, he took the risk and invited his friend Steve to CATALYST.

Steve came. And received Christ.

Steve is a recovering alcoholic. Steve was sprinkled as an infant in the Catholic Church.

This coming Sunday, Steve is choosing to be baptized as a 52-year-old new believer in Christ.

The moral of this story? Three-fold:

1) Invite Cards can be a tremendous yet simple tool for reaching people far from God.

2) Personal invites to church more often than not are accepted.

3) You are never too old to be baptized as a believer. Interested in being part of this coming weekend’s baptisms?…

Who might be changed forever because you gave them something as simple as an invite card?


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