Conference Crazy

I love a good conference just as much as the next guy. The two that I try to go to every year is Catalyst and Drive (although sadly, I can’t make it to Drive in May). I really think that we as church leaders are becoming “Conference Junkies”. I know pastors that literally go to conferences about once a month…that’s about 12 a year! Can we say overkill!!!!???? Again, I think that conference’s can be great and helpful, but enough is enough! If we would start just genuinley BEING the church that God has called US to be and stop trying to go to every conference so that we can catch lightning in a bottle, or see how every body else is doing it then God will do some amazing things. I’m sorry if this is a rant, and I don’t dislike conferences…I actually love them. I’ve got some wagers on the 3 or 4 churches that don’t have conferences yet, but probably will by next year!


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