Random Monday Musings

  • I think a lot of pastors whose churches grow quickly get a little too big for their britches!
  • We need more prayer for God to work mightily in our church.
  • We will be kicking off 1,000 hours of prayer next week.
  • I know it’s necessary, but I hate rain!
  • Saturday Night was great! A little stressful, but great!
  • I think the first message in the Sexy Back series was well recieved.
  • I think the Van Halen song at the beginning shocked some people….but they loved it!
  • I really think we are doing Church much differently than any other church in our area.
  • The O’s are 4-1! I’ll enjoy it while it lasts (which probably won’t be long)
  • I took Lincoln to his first baseball game on Friday night! That was a memory! Been looking forward to doing that!
  • I love Redbox! I mean, who goes to Blockbuster anymore?
  • Now that several other churches in our area are doing sports camps this summer too, it’s time to do something different. I can’t stand it when 20 churches do the same thing! Camps, VBS, Fall Festival’s etc.

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