Scariest Movies ever?

Entertainment Weekly came out with a list of what they say are the 20 scariest movies of all time. Check it out here.

EW’s List

  1. The Shining
  2. The Exorcist
  3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  4. Silence of the Lambs
  5. Jaws
  6. The Ring
  7. Halloween
  8. Psycho
  9. Seven
  10. Rosemary’s Baby
  11. Poltergeist
  12. 28 Days Later
  13. Nightmare on Elm Street
  14. The Thing
  15. The Evil Dead
  16. Carrie
  17. Night of the Living Dead
  18. The Omen
  19. An American Werewolf in London
  20. Henry: Portrait of Serial Killer

My Top 5

1. Halloween

2. The Exorcist

3. The Shining

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

5. Carrie


One thought on “Scariest Movies ever?

  1. I agree with the number 1 pick. I saw The Shining when it first came out at the movies (you were probably in diapers!) It was the last scary movie I ever watched it frightened me so bad!

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