When we first decided as a staff to move our gathering to Saturday Nights….I had my doubts.  Not that God was in it, He was and is, but that I would like it.  But, I can tell you honestly…I love church on Saturday Night!  It’s something that not everyone will be able to get past.  Many of us are so entrenched in traditions that we won’t be able to make that leap.  Some of us just will refuse to make church on Saturday night a priority…and that’s O.K.  Journey Church isn’t for everyone!  Here is what I now do with my Sundays:

I sleep in!

I play MLB 2K8 on XBox 360

I spend time with my wife and kids

I play tickle monster!

I watch movies

I take naps on the couch

I sometimes “spy” on other churches (just to see what other churches are up to!)

We go out to eat (sometimes even for breakfast)

I read

I dream a little more about God’s Vision for The Journey Church

I go to Safeway

I sometimes don’t shower until the late afternoon!

I just relax and have a true Sabbath.

What do you do on Sunday’s now?

If you still go to worship on Sunday, what do you do on Saturday?

Do you even take a Sabbath?


One thought on “Sundays!

  1. Saturday is a family day for me. I just hang. We have talked about a Saturday night service. If we do that I have no idea when my Sabbath will be.

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