10 Reasons why your Church Sucks

That was the name of an article that I had come across years ago on “The Ooze“. If you’re in the ministry and you haven’t checked out this site, do so….some of the articles are pretty good. Back to the topic at hand. Needless to say that the title of this article got my attention. It was the account of a guy who had left a church and was being pressed by the pastor to tell him why. He was trying to be nice, but after constant badgering said to the pastor, “Here are my top ten reasons why I think your church sucks!”.

  • Your Church is totally irrelevant to the community (but you talk a good game)
  • Your church has poor leadership who are bullies.
  • Your church has no vision
  • Your church is old and see’s no reason to move ahead.
  • Your church is inbred (everybody’s related, so outsiders don’t feel welcome)
  • Your church is more concerned with image than reality (more about condition of the building than the condition of the people)
  • Your church sees no need for change (content)
  • Your church doesn’t share a relevant message for a relevant time.
  • Your church doesn’t care about me as a person, only as a checkbook.
  • Your church is all politics and infighting.

Wow, what a list! This is not about me saying that other churches suck. This is me being challenged by this article and actually making these 10 things a checklist for what to guard against as a church leader. So many churches have these issues. For every North Point, Willow Creek or Saddleback there are 1,000 churches like the one described above. I guess the older you get as a church, the older your staff gets, the moment you get property or a building to “look after”….when you don’t have to worry to much about money anymore, etc, that’s when alot of these things can start to set in. I’ve been part of churches like that and so help me….I NEVER WILL AGAIN! Here’s a better list. The top ten reasons your church is “off the hook!”

  • Your community knows you exist and even if someone doesn’t attend your church, they know that the community would be much worse off without you.
  • Your church is led by Godly, humble, risk taking, learning, annointed leaders whom its’ people have no problem following.
  • Your church has a crystal clear vision….actually a vision that is so big, it won’t happen unless God shows up!
  • Your church is filled with young people who haven’t left the church, young families who are striving to live for God and older, more seasoned folks who aren’t about to coast to the end!
  • Your church doesn’t play favorites…what’s right is done no matter whose toes might get stepped on. Guests feel so welcome just as if they have been invited to your home.
  • Your church cares more about people than buildings or properties or the Jones Memorial Carpet in the Fellowship Hall!
  • Your church is constantly changing…it keeps me on my toes and it excites me.
  • Your church communicates in a relevant, modern way that understands what today’s people need.
  • Your church is one that I freely and happily give to because I know I’m really giving to God and I know that the Staff will be Godly, good stewards of that money.
  • Your church is not about politics and infighting because the leadership doesn’t allow it.

That’s a list that I want someone to write about The Journey Church.


9 thoughts on “10 Reasons why your Church Sucks

  1. Hey Mark,

    Good post. I, like you, want my ministry to be relevant. It’s a struggle in so many churche, including my own, working to overcome the traditions of the past. I’m sick of wasting my time on things that don’t matter.

  2. called to serve God, was full time for 12 years and finally said; “I can’t take it any more – Church SUCKS”! 2 1/2 years later and I still haven’t found a church, at least in my hometown that doesn’t suck. I like the top ten reasons your church is “off the hook”. However, I must ask, what is your active membership? I ask this only because people in general are mean man. They may have good intentions but you know what, selfishness, greed and depravity set it and then you’re back to square one. I wish God would use me again but if it meant going back to what I came from – I can just see the pain and suffering that would be waiting. I don’t know man!!!!

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