Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • Saturday Night was a great service
  • Kind of depressing that alot of our regulars weren’t there….attendance was down
  • Very glad to see 6 first time guests though!
  • The band did a great job…especially on the Cheap Trick song!
  • That’s right we did, “I Want you to Want me” to kick-off Sexy Back part 2
  • Robby hit the nail on the head with the message
  • We need to do a better job of getting people to understand the vision of The Journey Church.
  • My prayer life has been stinking lately…got to change that NOW!
  • Had a good time checking out another church in our area on Sunday.
  • I am praying for the success and effectiveness of all of our local Christian churches, not just ours
  • I am praying for a movie theater to be built in Crofton (not for movies though!)
  • I am loving Quietdrive’s version of “Time after Time”
  • After reading tons of blogs, I have come to two conclusions….no one ever has a bad Church service! and every Church has the best volunteers!
  • People have been talking about the Journey Church and our “Sexy back” series and our local ad!
  • Church people (not ours) are gossiping and can’t believe we’d use the word sexy! I love it!
  • Tomorrow, Grant will be 1 year old! Amazing how fast time goes.
  • Dancing with the Stars stinks this season. Is Priscilla Presley’s face all plastic? She’s got that permanent “Joker” smile. Funny what the world thinks is attractive.
  • I was in a bad mood yesterday…I split my favorite jeans right up the crotch. That kind of stuff happens to me alot.
  • No matter what God has called me to do, the greatest thing I’ve been called to do in this world is to be a husband and a father. I don’t know what I’d do without my family.

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