17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player, part 3

Third Essential Quality of a Team Player: Committed

Some of Maxwell’s Thoughts:

“Ordinary people with commitment can make an extraordinary impact on their world” Maxwell

Many people associate their commitment with their emotions.

True commitment isn’t based on emotions or how you feel. True commitment means staying true and following through no matter how you feel.

Human emotions go up and down all the time, but commitment has to be rock solid.

Here are some things every team player needs to know about being commited;

  • Commitment usually is discovered in the midst of adversity

Commited people don’t surrender easily, but struggles strengthen their resolve.

  • Commitment does not depend on gifts or abilities

Many highly talented people squander their potential due to lack of commitment

We don’t need more gifts or abilities, we just need to use what we have

  • Commitment comes as the result of choice, not conditions

Many people think conditions determine choice, but we must choose commitment no matter what

  • Commitment lasts when it’s based on values

Anytime you make choices based on solid life values, you are in a better position to stay commited

How to improve your level of commitment;

  • Tie your commitments to your values.

Commit to things that you believe in and shares your values

  • Take a Risk

Commiting is always a risk. You may be let down. You may fail. Commit anyway.

  • Evaluate your teammates commitment

You can’t commit to uncommitted people and expect commitment from them

There’s no such thing as a half-hearted champion

Some of my thoughts;

As a leader, I must first be sold out, totally committed to God and to our church or others that I want to be committed won’t be. It’s a lead by example thing.

I think alot of churches don’t call for a strong commitment. That is a problem. We at The Journey Church don’t call for a strong enough commitment. To quote Francis Chan, “If Jesus had a church in my area….mine would be bigger!” That’s because Jesus would call for a huge commitment. Just read the New Testament. Die to self, Carry your cross, sell all you have, etc. Sometimes it’s frustrating because we know at The Journey Church, our attendance goes down if it’s nice weather. Our attendance goes down if it’s the final four! This isn’t just true at The Journey Church, but all over our nation.

Churches also struggle to pay the bills, and actually do ministry because people don’t give. It’s not something that people like to talk about, but I will. If you don’t give regularly to your church to support the work of God there, you aren’t committed. That’s right, you aren’t committed! I don’t care how much time you give or how much you pray, God commands us to give our tithes and you must put your money where your mouth is if you are to be committed. There are lots of excuses as to why people don’t give;

I’m struggling financially right now. When I get back on my feet, I’ll start to give. No you won’t. How much do you trust God? Do you believe the promise that He will meet all of your needs? If you aren’t committed to giving now, you won’t be committed to giving then.

It’s my money, not God’s. Actually, people don’t really say this out loud, it’s just how they feel on the inside.

I don’t trust the church to spend it right. We choose our church leaders, so we must trust them to lead and lead right.

I didn’t really mean for this to be a rant on giving, but to me, that’s the test of true commitment. Just, imagine what we could do as a church, both locally and as the Church globally if God’s people would be truly committed, both spiritually and financially.


2 thoughts on “17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player, part 3

  1. Well said Mark! We are called to love Christ first and be obedient to Him in ALL things. We need to teach and preach even (and maybe especially) the difficult truths of Scripture. Is our goal to lead people to Christ? Or is it our goal to pursue Christ in obedience and encourage people to follow?

    My fear when talking about giving isn’t Jesus, it’s people’s reaction. I’m focussed on the wrong thing in that case. Why don’t I see my fear leading me to disobedience? Why don’t I fear Christ more than anything?

    The giving problem isn’t just the Christian in the congregation’s fault…it’s us (the leaders) who are afraid to loose attendance over the subject. Not only do we need set the example, we need to LEAD others to do the same! Money is a spiritual matter, and I believe a HUGE one.

    Great post! It brought tears to my eyes, which I certainly didn’t see coming. Thanks for serving with me! God uses you to challenge, encourage and grow me.

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