Some Random thoughts on a Thursday

  • Man, was it ever a nice day outside!
  • I’m working on my message for this week, it’s on Lust and Pornography…yeah, pray for me
  • I’m a little depressed
  • I get down sometimes, usually for about a week.  I know it’s Satan trying to discourage me.
  • Please pray for me that I’ll get out of this funk.
  • I’ve been working out and man am I sore!
  • We past 3,000 hits to Smellmylife this week!
  • Coming soon…
  • Lost returns tonight!
  • The O’s are still in 2nd place!
  • If the Skin’s get Chad Johnson, I’m gonna puke.
  • Where should we go for summer vacation?
  • Our church is starting a softball team.  Last time I played, I almost broke my ankle!
  • Shout out to my buddy Darren Plummer whose church, Mosaic Christian Church in College Park, MD is turning 1 year old next week!  Congrats Darren!
  • Lincoln is starting to get a little jealous of Grant.  Completely normal, but he actually cried yesterday because he wanted the little baby steering wheel that Grant was playing with.
  • Have I mentioned at all that I can’t wait for summer?
  • I stink at updating my Facebook account.
  • My MySpace account is all but dead….will be deleting it soon!
  • Can you believe That Carly Smithson got the boot last night?  I’m not a big fan of hers but she was great on Tuesday night.  Just goes to show you that it’s just a popularity contest.  I’m rooting for David Cook!
  • I’m addicted to Top Chef.  Does that make me a girly man?

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