Monday Mind Dump!

  • I apologize in advance for some posts I will make this week!
  • Saturday Night was an awesome service
  • We were able as a church to financially bless a family who really needed it…that’s a rush! Who needs drugs?
  • It’s awesome to hear things like, “I’ve never liked any church I’ve ever gone too.  Journey is the first church I actually want to go to!”
  • Robby brought it!  Are you a cultural Christian, or are you a Disciple?  There is a big difference.
  • Can’t wait for our first Baptism as The Journey Church.  It’s coming up in June.
  • Chipotle is the bomb!  I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!  Actually, yes I can.
  • I have discovered diet A & W Root Beer.  It doesn’t even taste like diet!
  • I hate it when I struggle with the same sins over and over again.  Is that better than struggling with new sins?  I’m not sure I want any new sins!
  • One sin….jealousy….jealousy of those who are as I type at DRIVE 08.
  • Grant now says Hello!
  • Lincoln wants to be just like his daddy.  Makes you want to be a better man.
  • I keep forgetting to take my adderall!

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