The 17 Essential Qualties of a Team Player, Part 4

Sorry it took a while to get back to this.  But, I didn’t forget about it!

Fourth Essential Quality of a Team Player: Communicative

Some of Maxwell’s thoughts:

To state it bluntly, you cannot have teamwork unless you have communicative players.

Without it all you have is a collection of individuals.

Communicative Players:

  • Do not isolate themselves from Others.  Learning about each other and spending time with one another fosters teamwork and communication.
  • Make it easy for teammates to communicate with them.  They are easily accessible.
  • Follow the twenty-four-hour rule.  They deal with conflict with-in 24 hours.  They don’t let it linger.
  • Give Attention to Potentially difficult Relationships.  Our instinct is to avoid difficult relationships, but team players understand that friendship is a slow-ripening fruit.
  • Follow up Important Communication in Writing.  Keep it clear and simple.  Write it down!

To improve your communication:

  • Be Candid.  Open communication fosters trust.  Even the things that are difficult to say.  Always be kind.
  • Be Quick.  Don’t sit on things.  Be the first to address any potential problems.
  • Be inclusive.  Include others!  People are up on things they are in on.  Open communication increases trust, trust increases ownership, and ownership increases participation.

Some of my thoughts:

It’s important for us as leaders to cast and constantly communicate the vision of the church clearly to people.  Some people come to church thinking, “I go to Pastor So and So’s Church”.  We want them to say, “This is MY Church”.  Take ownership and then get off the sidelines and into the game!

Man, sometimes there are difficult conversations to have.  It is a challenge to communicate open and honestly without hurting someones feelings.

I think many churches (hopefully not Journey) go down the tubes because there are issues not dealt with.  Pastors don’t want to deal with something, so they ignore it and hope it will go away.  The next thing you know, the church is in turmoil because anger, bitterness and mistrust has built up.  May we really take the 24 hour rule seriously.

I think that one thing that separates an average leader from an excellent leader is how they deal with conflict.  Do they deal with it in a timely manner.  Are they too afraid to communicate open and honestly.


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