Monday Mind Dump

  • Saturday went well as it was our first Child dedication.
  • Thanks to Andrew and Theresa who practically filled the church with guests!
  • Where was everybody?
  • I hate rain!
  • I love my wife Mary.  She’s a great wife and mother and since I didn’t blog yesterday…Happy Mothers Day Honey!
  • I made breakfast for Mary yesterday, and a homemade (from scratch) cheesecake.  It wasn’t too bad!
  • I can’t believe I’ll be 35 on Thursday!  Where has the time gone?
  • Only 3 short weeks of school left!
  • I lost my iPod for 3 days.  I was ready go crazy!  But Mary found it today! under the couch!
  • Thanks to Dave, Matt, Addison, Verity, Keith and Clint (the worship band) for a great job on Saturday!
  • Robby and I will race in the 40 yard dash, next Saturday night after church at our cook-out.  I hope my hamstrings hold up.
  • I have a large head
  • Take this quiz if you think you know 80’s music. I got a 93.

2 thoughts on “Monday Mind Dump

  1. Thanks honey, I love you too!
    By the way, you owe me a back rub for finding your iPod.

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