Monday Morning Mind Dump

  • Saturday went great!
  • Attendance was up!
  • As promised, I beat Robby in the 40 yard dash
  • I’m so glad I didn’t pull a muscle!
  • We are now consistently adding new members
  • I’m excited about our upcoming baptism service
  • God is moving in our Church!
  • One of our new guys at church named Chris has some awesome tattoo’s!
  • God’s love is so undeserved,  I’m so thankful that I don’t have to earn it!
  • Pete, thanks for filling in on the bass on Saturday…you rocked!
  • Can’t wait for One Prayer!
  • Our church is committing to praying 1,000 hours during the summer.
  • I love to watch Grant sleep
  • Lincoln had a rough weekend.  He got a tree frog on Friday.  By Sunday morning, our cat Addy had knocked over the cage and had killed the frog.
  • Only 2 weeks of school left!
  • The Fall is going to be great, with the Great Anne Arundel Candy Drop, Deadly Vipers,  The Church Apologizes, and Junk.

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