Change is Hard

This is my last week as a staff member at Arundel Bay.  It makes me sad to go from this place because I have really enjoyed working here for the past 2 years (and the previous 4 at Riverdale).  I really have never worked with a greater group of people.  It’s hard to imagine that I won’t be coming in to work anymore and hanging out with Steve, Monica, Ryan, Syd, Alyce, Wini, Mel, Kristi-Anna, Lisa, Roland, Kelly, Joy, Vicki, Crystal, Stacy, Joy G., Stephanie, Penny, Amy, Sherry, Renee,  Kristi, Melissa,  Kim, Jody, Schavonne and the best principal in the world, Tammie.  I’ve worked alot of places and have never felt the closeness and family feeling that exists at ABCA.    It’s hard to leave kids that have become such a part of your daily life. Great kids that I won’t name because I don’t want to forget anybody.  I Love you guys!  You  helped me love kids again (I had lost that before I came here).  I wish all of you the best. I will truly miss all of you, but you will see me…I promise.  Change is hard.  Change is scary.  Change is uncomfortable.  Change is necessary. I know that God has been calling me to make this change.  Let’s face it, I’ve been comfortable.  I’m no P.E. teacher, I’m a pastor.  I needed to step out and work closer to my church.  Step out and work amongst those who need to hear about Jesus.  I am willing God to step out, not knowing the outcome, not knowing the future, but trusting you to provide simply because you are God.  You can only do great things through me if I make myself available to be used.  Use me up God.  I waste myself on you…I want more of you and more of your kingdom coming to earth.  I want to be obsessed.


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