Tuesday Mind Dump

  • Summer is upon us!
  • Saturday went really well.
  • I was feeling the message…True Disciples are Obsessed!
  • Are you obsessed with bringing God’s Kingdom to the earth?
  • Looking forward to a very productive summer
  • Really trying to set ourselves up for big growth in the fall!
  • I’m a little sad right now…it’s my last week at Arundel Bay (more on that in a later post)
  • I’m wondering why some people don’t grow a set!
  • There’s not too many guys out there who are better men than my friend Steve
  • I’ve been reminded lately of how very blessed I am.
  • God has blessed us at The Journey Church with many first time guests!  How effective are we at making people feel comfortable?
  • My Glorious rocked on Saturday night.
  • My goal for the summer….lose 30 pounds! Seriously!
  • I am really getting into MMA.  I was rooting for Kimbo Slice to lose.  Almost!
  • Welcome to Emily, our summer intern at The Journey Church.
  • Will miss church on Saturday for a family reunion.  I hate not being there…it’s home!
  • The O’s are finally coming back to earth.  Can’t wait to see this team in two years!
  • Looking forward to hooking up with tons of people this summer who I want to reconnect with!
  • I hate the Bachelor/Bachelorette  shows.  What a joke!
  • I’m really upset that they canceled October Road….it was a great show.
  • Looking forward to our Summer Blockbusters series in July.

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