My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear is that I get to the end of my life and find out that I’ve gotten it all wrong.  Not about God or who Jesus is….I’m very confident of that, but that I’ll have gotten this whole church thing wrong.  I mean are we as the church in the world’s richest country getting it right?  Are we as pastors getting it right?  I find that so many pastors nowadays (is that a word?) are doing less and less pastoring and more and more “leading the leaders”.  Let’s face it, being a leader of leaders is sexier than just sheperding a flock of people.  Some pastors I know spend more time traveling, speaking at conferences and writing book than actually doing the work of a pastor.  I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes I wish that I could be recognized, well known, traveling and speaking, writing…a leader of leaders.  But is that a pastors calling?  It’s hard work (and certainly not glamorous) to pastor people, to put yourself out there for people, to get your hands dirty with the sin and shame in people’s lives.  And my fear is that we as the church in America are missing the boat.  Jesus meant for us to love and help people, to meet needs, to give of ourselves until we are empty, but we’ve become so consumed with church growth, leadership, conferences, seminars, being relevant to pop culture, etc.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for all of that, and I believe that we need those things, but we need to be loving people by giving until it hurts.  The church should outgive the Salvation Army or the Red Cross or any other organization that helps people.  Earthquake victims in China, Cyclone victims in Myanmar…we should be helping these people…we should be the church God intended us to be.  Maybe, I’m ranting here because I’m dissatisfied with my own brand of Christianity. Simply put, we need more of Jesus and we need to be more about what He did.  I’ll shut up now.


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