I’m not dead!

What’s up everyone?  I’ve taken a couple of weeks off from blogging, but now I’m back.  I frankly was too busy to worry about blogging!  I’ll try to keep things fresh here for the summer.

  • Enjoying summer so far
  • “The Happening” is the dumbest movie EVER!
  • Why is money (not having any) always a problem at Church?
  • Continuing the “OnePrayer” series tonight.  It’s going well thus far.
  • Our Flag Football Tournament is fast approaching.
  • Just got my first “Moleskin”!
  • I have a serious book addiction.
  • I have alot of good new music….will be posting soon on some of my favorites.
  • Can’t wait for “The Dark Knight”!
  • Been struggling with headaches/fogginess (pray for me if you think about it)
  • The NFL season is fast approaching, so is the release of Madden ’09.
  • UFC Fight Night is tonight!  The Ultimate Fighter Finale!
  • Had a great Fathers day.  I love my boys so much.

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