Back for good!

  • My blogging break was a good one!  Much needed.  Now I have alot to say!
  • Have been asking myself this question alot, “How much do I Love Jesus?”
  • So ready for the fall at The Journey Church!
  • Can’t wait for Catalyst ’08!  I get to work security down by the stage.
  • I think I’d take a bullet for Andy Stanley.  (actually, probably not)
  • Got a new LG Dare Touchscreen phone.  It’s not the iPhone, but it’s nice.
  • I’m actually trying to keep up with my Facebook account.
  • The official preseason prediction right here, Redskins go 8-8. (I’m a die-hard, but a realist)
  • I miss my friends at Arundel Bay!  And the kids!
  • Massive music post coming soon!
  • I have 2 fantasy football drafts tomorrow night!  These are my only 2 leagues.  I used to be in about 6 or 7!
  • Just got Mark Batterson’s new book “Wild Goose Chase”.  Looking forward to the read, but it’s onlt 174 pages.
  • Madden ’09 is awesome!
  • This summer was a tough one…didn’t feel well at all and went through a spiritual dry spell (ever have one of those?).  But God is still good!
  • Lincoln is now in Public School and riding the bus.  That little guy makes me so proud!
  • Lincoln also is now riding his bike with no training wheels!
  • Grant is so stinking cute!  He is really starting to talk alot more.  He is only 17 months and is wearing 3T clothes!

One thought on “Back for good!

  1. *glad you’re back.
    *You can never love Jesus enough.
    *I got the LG Voyager!
    *What’s your Lions’ prediction?
    *Arundel Bay is quiet w/out you!
    *that’s all I got.

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