Types of Church people.

In my experience, there are 2 different types of people at most churches;

  • Those who want the church to have a ministry specifically for them. “We need a 5th grade ministry!”,  “We need a Senior adult ministry!”, “We need a  Single Moms ministry!”  While all of these are good ideas, a church plant still in it’s infancy can’t support all of those ministries.  Yet these people will leave a church for a larger more established church simply because they have more ministries.
  • Those who realize that they are part of laying the groundwork for a church that can eventually have ministries for these and other groups.  Church plants need folks who can focus on serving, not being served.  People who can see the big picture and realize that without all of their hard work and foundation, a church can’t ever reach the stage where it can offer ministries for everyone.

So, a big thanks to those of you at The Journey Church that are faithful, involved, serving selflessly, realizing that it will be because of your work that our church will eventually get to a place where we can reach a broader scope of people.  Keep it up, it is not unnoticed!


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