Sunday Evening Ramblings

  • Last Night was a great service.  I definitely felt the Spirit in the place.
  • 1 year anniversary as The Journey Church….we’ve only just begun!
  • Thanks to all who stood up and shared what God has done in their life over the past year.
  • What about my West Virginia Mountaineers???  I knew we weren’t going to win a national title, but is East Carolina really that much better than us?  Wow!
  • One of my fantasy teams got crushed today!  Thanks Carson Palmer!
  • Man, Chuck Liddell got punished last night.  I was a little upset as he’s one of my favorite fighters.
  • Just starting two new books,  “It”, by Craig Groeschel and “Ideaspotting”, by Sam Harrison.
  • Kinda interested in this new show, “The Fringe”.  Kinda like a new X-Files!
  • A little baffled by this.
  • Check out some of Metallica’s new CD here.
  • Here is a good article about how Pixar fosters creativity.
  • I think my high school football team could have held the Redskins to 7 points last Thursday.  I’m a die-hard Skins fan, but I think the organization is horrible from the top down.
  • This church planting thing is scary.  There are plenty of times that I have thought about giving up because it’s too hard.  But, who said that it would be easy?  Since when is anything worth having, worth fighting for, worth enduring hard-ship for, easy?  To answer Robby’s question from last night…yes, it will be worth it!
  • Starting a short Bible study (personal) on the book of Titus.  Thoughts to come in later posts.
  • Thanks for reading!  Leave me a comment sometime!

3 thoughts on “Sunday Evening Ramblings

  1. If it makes you feel any better Mark, I nearly wept some manly tears after the conclusion of the Chargers’ game Sunday night. Never has one pump fake broken my heart so much in my life.

  2. Skins have a lot of talent. its not over yet. could be in a few short weeks though…..

    i highlighted the last line in the Worship leader post, Something about not being a distraction is the art of it…. couldn’t agree more, i want to believe that good playing and singing, (or maybe just HEARTFELT singing and playing) as a band, is all that’s required. all that is necessary.

    here’s five things you don’t know about me.

    i was a Top 10 gymnast (still rings) in Wisconsin during high school. no, i can’t still do an iron cross. maybe a handstand.

    I was the Director of Purchasing for a $100 million a yr video distribution company for 13 yrs. that’s right Virginia, it hasn’t always been dirty clothes.

    My dad was an alcoholic for much of his life. he died a year ago in April with 18 yrs of sobriety under his belt.

    My sister has been living with Aids for over 10 yrs.

    is this too heavy?

    I am a rabid Beach Boys fan. there is so much more to their story than Surfing and car songs. they actually released over 25 lps, between 1961 and 1992, some of which are considered among the finest in pop music history. The Beatles credit Brian Wilson as the main inspiration for Sgt Pepper.

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