OK, sorry mom (and whoever else likes them), but I hate Christian T-shirts!  I just cringe when I see a t-shirt with the Reeses logo, but instead of “Reeses” it says’ “Jesus”!  Again, you may disagree, but it makes me embarrassed for the Church.  Here are a few of my “favorites”…

Isn’t that great…just a few minutes out of your life, to save your soul…it’s that easy!!!!

And now…my personal favorite…the “Stay out of Hell Free Card” Shirt!


2 thoughts on “Cheesey!

  1. I’ve heard of people coming to Christ through these shirts. Even though you think they are cheesey don’t you think God can still use them to bring people into His kingdom?

  2. You’ve heard, but not actually seen? I seriously doubt that these shirts bring people to Christ. If they do then more power to the wearer! I’ve actually had tons of non-Christian friends say that the shirts are a turn-off. Come on, “Stay out of hell free”???? God can use ANYTHING to bring people to Himself, despite our cheesiness and stupidity.

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