Monday Rant

  • First of all…”Hail to the Redskins!”.  This die-hard has something to smile about (at least for this week!)
  • Saw the “Music Builds Tour” last night.  Switchfoot was off the hook, Jars of Clay was great, Robert Randolph isn’t my cup of tea (but very talented) and I didn’t enjoy Third Day much at all.  Thanks to Wade for the tickets!
  • Church attendance was disappointing on Saturday.
  • w,kjy66y yyhgh (That was Grant’s entry!)
  • I need to see a good movie….soon!
  • Had our first Candy drop registrations!!!
  • Anyone want to donate some candy??
  • Our church softball team has swept 2 doubleheaders in a row!  (we play in a secular league, not some pansy church league!)
  • Catalyst is inching closer!  I so need to be re-inspired!
  • Sometimes I think that there aren’t many people that get it.  I’ll leave it at that.
  • Suprised at how many believers I know that feel that it’s ok to be drunk.  I’m not trying to start something, but how is that justified?  Not to drink in moderation, but to be drunk.  What do you think?
  • How ’bout Ray Boltz?  I feel bad that he feels like it’s ok and that God made him that way.  I feel for him because I know that deep down he is struggling.

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