Raise your hand please!

Disclaimer!!!  This is not a post dogging another church.  This is not a post teaming with jealousy, but one with a serious question I have.  I’m familiar with a church that is one of the fastest growing churches in the country. I won’t say the name because it’s not even important.  This church has been seeing at least 200-300 salvations a week, sometimes more!  I think that is fantastic.  When I talked to a good friend recently who has ties to that church I was told that salvations are counted by people just raising their hands.  Now, not that you can’t raise your hand to indicate that you made a spiritual decision, but how do you count 200-300 hands or possibly hope to accurately follow up with those people.  Is it just an ego boost to say a big number or are people really turning to Christ and being discipled?  Again, I’m not bashing that church, I just have a genuine question about that process!  Any thoughts?  How does your church ask people to respond and how do they follow up?


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