Seriously, I’m done with the view of church that I have had for the past 5 years.  I want our church to really be about one thing….preaching Jesus Christ, the gospel, the good news for those who need to hear it.  I’m still going to be innovative (or try to be), I’m still going to be creative, I’m still going to make sure that the systems in our church are designed to produce fully devoted followers of Christ.  But, I’m done trying to treat the kingdom of God as a business.  I know we are supposed to have goals, but have we taken it too far?  I mean as a goal, how about, “We want to share the gospel with as many unsaved people as humanly possible this year, but not, our goal is to have 2,000 salvations at our church this year! Of course we want people to come to Christ, but did Peter go out on the day of Pentecost and say, “Alright guys, make sure you take an accurate count of hands during the response song, we’re shooting for 3,000 today!”  I don’t think so.  I think it was more like…”Let’s preach Jesus today and leave the results to Him, be it 3,000, 1,000, 200 or 5 salvations…we are going to do our part and trust God to do His will.

It scares me a little that we (The Church in America) are treating the Kingdom too much like a Fortune 500 company.  I’m all for taking some principles (such as systems, leadership training, marketing, etc.) that help make a business successful and apply them to the church setting.  That’s just smart.  However, when we put pressure on our staff by saying, “We need the baptism and salvation numbers to increase by 10-20% this year, or we need to add 50-75 new members each quarter”, I think is dangerous.  And I’ve seen churches do this sort of thing.  But, I’m done.

I’m going to be more about prayer, than about problem solving.

I’m going to be more about seeking Him than seeking the next church trend.

I’m going to be more about knowing Him, than knowing the lastest leadership secret.

I’m going to be more about the individual than the numbers.

I’m going to be more about being involved in what God is doing here in Crofton, than just my desire to be part of something “Big”.

I’m going to be more about preaching the Word than just coming up with catchy sermon titles.

I’m going to be reading the Bible more, rather than books about the Bible.

Now, does this mean that I’ll stop reading books about the Church and about the Bible?  Does this mean that all of The Journey Church’s sermons will be entitled..”Gleanings from Ephesians”?  No.  But, it means that that stuff is not going to be as important to me anymore.  What will be most important is knowing God more and preaching the gospel, all the rest, He can take care of.


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