If we’re honest I think that alot of pastors are addicted.  Maybe not to porn or drugs or alcohol.  Some maybe to more “pastoraly” accepted things like work, success, leadership, power, praise or affirmation from others, or the Church.  Yeah, that’s right we can be addicted to the Church.  Although working in the church is our calling, it is not our life.  To paraphrase the Bible, “What if you gain a large, “successful church, but lose sight of what is really important?”  I think I’m very guilty of thinking in the past that a large church is the goal.  Size matters.  If I want to be deemed successful in the circles that I try to run in, that I must have a large ministry, have the coolest, most successful pastors reading my blog, or hanging out with me at a coffee-shop talking ministry!  I, just like many of the pastors I know or know of are addicted to this sub-culture of influential pastors.  If I could just have this many people read my blog…if I could just have this many people following me on twitter, if I could just write a cool book, maybe I could lead a lab at Catalyst and then people would recognize me as successful!  I know alot of us feel that way, but most wouldn’t admit it.  I had to ask my self about a week ago, “Why do I blog?”  I had to examine my heart and come to the conclusion, that if I was blogging for any other purpose but to point people to Christ, and to encourage others in their ministry, then I’m an idolater.  O.K., I guess i’m off my soapbox now.


2 thoughts on “Addicted

  1. I think that perhaps as human beings we are sometimes discouraged if we compare our successes to the likes of the “elite.” Be it in sports, our professions, or our passions, we often lose focus that we aren’t supposed to be the person that has had so much success but rather our ownselves. We never will be that person– we will never be Greg Laurie, Labron James, Leonardo DaVinci, or the like. But we can be ourselves and success is measured in variety.

    Reading this Mark I realized how much in my own personal blogs just how much I am infatuated with my words, which stands against a lot of what I write about. Lol. Thank you for this my friend.

  2. Mark,
    I really LOVED reading this Blog. I have been struggling with the whole meaning and purpose of success also. To me, from a non ministry perspective, Success was my way of proving to myself that people that have set out to destroy me from my past are not winning. I had the absolute wrong intentions and God has definitely not been a part of that. Over the past couple months I have redefined what it means to be successful realizing that it isn’t where I am corporately or where I am soon to be going, It’s not my part time ministry at my church where I hang out with Youth a couple days a week and make an “impact”, its not even the 15 minutes I spend out of 24 hours talking to my God. IT IS I Corinthians 13. It is my heart condition while doing whatever it is that I am doing. WITHOUT LOVE….it is all for naught. And to put it in your perspective of being addicted. I think alot of us look for that High that ministry yeilds. It makes us feel good. It makes us look past the motives and our true heart condition becasue we NEED that fix if even for just a moment. BUT on the flip side. IF your foundation is Love…It is already successful.

    Love you man.

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