Stone-throwing 101


Something has really hit me today.  Sadness.  Sadness, not because of the untimely death of Michael Jackson.  But sad at the reaction and the comments of so many “Christians” to his death.  Many have stated, “How can that molester get such a great send-off?”,  or  “He doesn’t deserve a tribute like that after what he’s done.”  I don’t know anything about what Michael Jackson did, just what he was accussed of doing.  And while the things he was accussed of are sinful…who of us isn’t a dirty sinner at heart?  Who among us has the right to throw stones at Michael Jackson, when truth be told, if we aired your dirty laundry out in public your face would get pretty red!  I know mine would.  When will we as Christians begin to love people the way Jesus did?  He wouldn’t have thrown stones at Michael Jackson…He would have wept with his family.  He wouldn’t have made insensitive comments, he would have used his words to comfort and to testify to others about the grace and forgiveness of his father.  When?


One thought on “Stone-throwing 101

  1. How refreshing it is to find another Christian with the compassion of the Lord in this situation! I am a huge MJ fan, and I have always been since I was young. While I agree that MJ was an unusual individual, he was an extraordinary artist, a family man, and a father. I know that I wouldn’t want my life publicized like his; I would be totally humiliated! MJ was never convicted of the horrible crimes he was accused of committing. Like his mother said, if you were a parent of one those children, would you actually accept money instead of seeing the person be punished for the crime? At this time, I can only appreciate what MJ brought to my life….wonderful music, great entertainment, and smiles while enjoying his work. I also pray that he is with the Lord, and that his family will grow spiritually through this situation.

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