Broken Pieces


I learn alot of spiritual lessons from my 6 year old son, Lincoln.  It’s funny how God brings spiritual things to my mind from some of his comments or actions.  I picked him up from school the other day and he was so excited to show me what he had found on the playground during reccess that day.  I have to admit, I thought that he had found a shiny, pretty rock or something that was mildly attractive, but he pulled out 3 or 4 broken pieces of plastic.  It looked like what once was a plastic ball of some sort with a picture on it,  Lincoln was so excited because he wanted to take it home, piece it back together with tape and glue and see if he could make it pretty again.  Then he told me that he wanted to go back out to the playground tomorrow to see if he could find more pieces!  My first thought was to say..”Oh, that’s nice”… and not think twice about it, but something kept coming to my mind.  This was a perfect picture of God and His people.  He finds us broken, scattered, meant to be beautiful, useful and whole.  He longs to pick us up and put us back together again, to glue those broken pieces of our souls with His grace and His love.  He wants nothing more than to see us restored and whole, living the life that He had imagined for us to live, reflecting His majesty and beauty.  Once He has restored one of us, the search for more broken pieces continues.  I then prayed and thanked God for gathering up the broken pieces of my life, of my soul and for continuing to repair those seams that seem beyond repair.  What about you?  Have you allowed God to gather the broken pieces of your soul?  Have you given your fragmented life to Him to make whole?  He is ready to begin….are you?


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