Building Defenses


Men, remember the message from Saturday?  We all know where we are weak.   If you say you don’t you’re lying to me and to yourself.  We know if we have pride issues, anger issues, etc.  If we know where we are weak, why do we not do a better job at building safeguards and defenses in our lives to protect us in those weak areas? None of us is Superman!   As a man myself, I will be honest…I don’t know a man alive that doesn’t struggle with lust.  If you are that guy then awesome!, please pray for the rest of us!  Men of Journey, let’s not let this area of our lives bring us to defeat.  Go with basic cable and get rid of Skinemax and HBO, because it’s too tempting!  Avoid those stores that display porno mags!  Make sure your internet access is filtered, with a password that only a trusted friend knows.  It shouldn’t be embarassing, it’s the way we are wired.  Remember, Jesus said, it is better to cut off your hand and go through life with one hand than to be headed to hell with our whole body.  How important are those things to you?  Cut them out of your life.  Here is a great resource if you are a fellow struggler with lust.


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