About Smellmylife

Smellmylife is the weblog of Mark LeHew, Worship Leader at Centerpoint Church in Annapolis, Maryland. These are my opinions about life, sprituality, and current culture.  So Smellmylife….go ahead, smell it!


6 thoughts on “About Smellmylife

  1. Good writing. Enjoyed reading your thoughts about growing Journey Church.

    Another question, who wrote the song that was sung the past weeks. I know you need a bigger hint. You said it touched your life. Well it has made a big impact on me and I would like to see if I can get a CD and listen to it a lot more.



  2. Thanks Linda, The February song of the month was “From the inside Out” is from Hillsong United and was written by Joel Houston and can be purchased on the Hillsong United CD, “United We stand”.

  3. What is that smell? Oh, it’s your life. MMMMMM. Smells like chili prior to consumption.

    Seriously, thanks for the email. I like the blog.

  4. “Jeeez Banana Shut Your Freaking GOBB!”

    juno is the best movie ever.

    suprise comment from the one and only princess.
    aka your favorite student in the whole ENTIRE WORLD!

  5. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Life is full of unexpected and unexplainable pain. One day, we’ll get to ask God questions and maybe put the pieces together. Until then, we wait…trusting and seeking refuge.

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